Friday, September 18, 2015

Some Pictures Finally

I've finally gotten around to getting pics up of the house on here.  Needless to say things have been very busy for the past couple of weeks!  We are completely moved in and most of the boxes have been emptied.  These pics are at various stages of the move, so please excuse the mess in some of them!


 Dining Room (currently kid's playroom)

 Family Room

 Morning Room

 Mud Room/Laundry Area

 Mud Room/Welcome Center (no hooks yet)

Kitchen (with our new countertops!)

Kids Bathroom

Kid's Bedroom

Kid's Bedroom

Before we moved in we were able to paint the Family Room, Morning Room, Kitchen, Mud Room and both of our girl's bedrooms.  Since these were brand new walls the paint was a bit difficult to put on and definitely needed two coats.  Overall we are happy with the results and we'll paint other rooms when we have the time.

Our issues so far have been pretty minor.  Our dishwasher had no power (fixed), we've had a couple windows break (not fixed yet), and a heavy downpour last weekend caused parts of our lawn to sink.  We also found some bubbling on our ceiling in the kitchen, which we think was caused by the rain leaking in through the siding.  Our PM still isn't sure if that was the cause of it but he had someone go up and re-caulk some spots where the roof of the garage meets the house.  As for the counter tops, we finally got them installed yesterday!  We do have an issue with the top that is on the half wall, however (it is the one being held down by the wood in the pic).  The guy who installed it cut the notch for the wall crooked, and it ended up affecting the position of the top all the way through.  Here's what it looks like at the edge:

All of the other tops were installed well so I'm not mad about it but I do want it re-done.  I've contacted our PM about it but haven't gotten a response yet.

We also have some floor creak issues and a few nail pops which we'll address at our 30 day meeting.  Let's hope there aren't too many more issues that pop up until then!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

We Are Closing Tomorrow!

Yesterday we had our pre-settlement meeting where we went over all of the details about the home (warranties, service calls, etc.) and walked through all of the house to check everything out.  Overall everything looked pretty good!  Unfortunately I was too busy looking for any issues and I didn't take pictures of the inside.  I did take one of the outside, however:

The only serious issues we have is that we still don't have our countertops installed, and they forgot about our "Arrival Center" in the mudroom.  Our PM has been having a heck of a time trying to track down our countertops, so in order to pass final inspection with the town he installed a temporary top and sink.  The good news is that he said we could keep the temporary top if we wanted it.  I probably won't use it for a long time (or ever) but it might be useful if I want to set up a bar or maybe a second kitchen in the basement in the future.  We should hopefully get our countertops installed next week.  My wife is the most upset about the Arrival Center, which was supposed to include a bench and a long, wall mounted coat rack.  Our PM thought it might have been an extra that we were supposed to pay for, but after looking at the plan PDF for this model it is definitely included.  We'll see how that shakes out.

There were a few small issues that I kind of expected as we went through.  There was a floor creak in the master bedroom, a bunch of spots on the walls were patched up but not re-painted, and a post for one of the support beams in the basement wasn't fastened/hammered into the beam.  All minor issues that are going to be fixed by tomorrow.

As for NVR mortgage, it was surprisingly easier than I thought and we were cleared way earlier that I expected.  If you're a follower of Ryan Homes or NVR mortgage, I'm sure you've heard plenty of horror stories where they mess up something with the application or ask for a ridiculous amount of financial information at the last minute.  The only information they needed from me at the end was my last three paystubs, and that was only needed by the end of this week and really wouldn't have affected closing.  As long as there isn't any last second hiccups we shouldn't have any problems at the closing tomorrow.

After closing tomorrow we are heading over to the house to start moving some things in.  I will take some pictures and post them on here.  We are gonna slowly move stuff in with our cars next week and do the big move next Saturday.  Our family is very excited and we can't wait to move in!