Monday, June 8, 2015

We broke ground!

Two weeks ago, the wife and I met with the project manager to go over the whole building process and give us a better idea of how the house will be laid out.  It helps him as well since he is in charge of up to a dozen homes at one time so he can see what upgrades we requested be done and know what to look out for.  I won't go into the details of the meeting but I will say that I was very pleased at his knowledge in building and I'm quite confident that he will do a great job with our home!

Our ground breaking date was moved up from June 15th to the 4th and we have officially started the building process!

We were told that they might pour the footings on Saturday the 6th, however as of this morning (June 8) they had not.  It was nice out this weekend and now it is raining (rain is in the forecast for the entire week!) so I'm wondering if it will be delayed further.  I had hoped that they would pour early so that we would have as much curing time as possible, but oh well.