Monday, January 25, 2016

NVR Mortgage Question

It's been a while since I've posted, but I wanted to put out a question here to see if anyone knows of the answer:

For those who used NVR Mortgage, did you end up receiving a 1098 tax form from them during the year your house was built?  I'm wondering this because as you may know, NVR Mortgage never ends up being the servicer for the mortgage on your home.  Right after closing they sell your mortgage to another company.  In my case it is PennyMac.  I have gotten a 1098 from PennyMac, however it does not include the pre-paid mortgage interest or the points I bought for a lower rate.  I also did the upfront PMI payment at closing so that I wouldn't have to pay it monthly which I just learned that I'll have to amortize for 7 years but the pre-paid interest and points paid would be a nice deduction for my taxes.

I would try to ask someone from NVR about this, but I could barely get a response from them during our homebuilding process so I seriously doubt I'd get an answer from them now.  Thanks in advance!

UPDATE:  I called the corporate CS number and it turns out that they do send out 1098s!  The person I talked to was very nice and even confirmed that I should be getting one.

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  1. Please reach out to NVR Mortgage Corporate Customer Service at 800-926-3600.